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Project Description
Informant provides people with the desire to send mass SMS to specific groups with the ability to do so using Google Voice.
Included with Informant is a library that provides simple (limited) API access to Google Voice and Google Contacts.

What is Informant?
I am in a slightly unique situation in which I send about 80+ texts to a group of people a few times a week. Currently I have an iPhone which doesn't allow mass texting or easy group management, so I end up selecting all of my contacts individually every time I have to send a text out. Those of you that work with religious groups, youth groups, or groups that notify its members via texting I'm sure share the same pain. Informant solves this problem by utilizing Google Voice and Google Contacts.

How do I use Informant?
-Setup a Google Voice account (Now open to the general public:
-Upload all of your contacts to Google Voice.
-Group your contacts.
-Use Informant to select contacts individually or by group and send out mass informational texts.

How Many Texts can I Send?
Currently Google restricts the amount of texts you may send in a 24 hour period to about 100-120. This limit is not documented by Google; it was discovered through trial and error.

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